io+20: The Future We Dread with Marc Morano

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RIO DE JANEIRO — Amid the thousands of people assembled at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development calling for global government and anti-market „solutions“ to alleged planetary „sustainability“ and „biodiversity“ problems, a vocal coalition of environmental realists who refuse to buy the UN-backed agenda are calling for some sanity — market solutions, real science, and national sovereignty. Some have even proposed abolishing the controversial global institution altogether.

While the international press has largely ignored the stinging criticism so far, the small cadre of liberty-minded environmental experts, activists, and lawmakers seemed optimistic. The climate alarmism of a few years ago, for example, is virtually „dead“ despite overwhelming media support.

On Thursday, following the stunning implosion of the science behind global-warming theories, the whole topic has largely taken a back seat to new UN allegations — overpopulation, decreasing biodiversity, and a lack of „sustainability.“ But those overhyped fears may well collapse soon as well.

Citing the growing worldwide awareness about the true nature of the UN’s dangerous schemes, the crumbling of the supposed „science“ underpinning the agenda, and the increasing irrelevancy of the mainstream media, all of the critics who spoke to The New American said there is cause for hope. They were surprisingly upbeat, too.

Among the most prominent opponents lambasting the UN and its lavish Rio+20 „sustainability“ conference was U.S. Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the ranking member on the Senate Environment Committee. Appearing at a conference via video, the well-known skeptic of „global-warming“ alarmism blasted the worldwide „far-left“ agenda to impose carbon taxes and redistribute wealth. „Whatever happened to sovereignty?“ he asked.

However, there is cause for celebration, the GOP heavyweight said, pointing to the complete lack of interest by top U.S. political leaders in the UN summit. „President Obama is avoiding it like the plague,“ Sen. Inhofe noted, adding that his „absence speaks volumes“ — especially considering his „far-left agenda“ and its alignment with UN ambitions. Meanwhile, members of Congress including notorious pro-UN Democrats are ignoring Rio+20 as well, a stark contrast with past environmental gatherings.

Other critics of the global body’s agenda offered even harsher criticism during the conference. Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science policy advisor to U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and a well-known advocate for real science and human liberty, slammed the entire UN summit and declared that its dangerous agenda should fail.…
Written by Alex Newman!/RealAlexJones
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