Is Alex Jones for real?

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(NaturalNews) One of the most common question I’m asked these days is also one of the easiest to answer: Is Alex Jones for real? In a word, yes.

But there’s more to it than that, of course. The whole story doesn’t become fully apparent until you’re hanging around Alex Jones in person, at his studios in Austin, and talking with the entire crew of mission-driven people who produce the InfoWars / PrisonPlanet material that has grown into a global media giant (and a force of truth to be reckoned with).

As someone who is a regular in-studio guest on the Alex Jones Show — and an occasional fill-in host on the few days when Alex isn’t hosting the show himself — I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with Alex Jones behind the scenes. Off the air.

And that’s where this story begins to get even more interesting. Because Alex Jones is the same authentic person off-air as he is on-air. Alex isn’t an act, in other words. He’s the real deal, and the authenticity of who he is and what he believes comes through 100 percent whether he’s speaking to an audience of millions or just chatting with you in the hallway.

Perhaps that’s why we get along so well. I have zero tolerance for B.S. in the people I choose to support or spend time with, and spending time around Alex makes it apparent that he feels exactly the same way. That’s probably why so many of our heroes are the same people — people who aren’t afraid to tell the truth and don’t pull any punches: Gov. Jesse Ventura, Rep. Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, Gerald Celente and so on.

It’s also probably why neither one of us wears makeup on camera, and we don’t dress up with a special on-camera wardrobe (I usually show up at his studio with my blue jean ranch shirt). Alex doesn’t wear a bunch of bling, and he doesn’t drive some fancy car to try to impress people on the road. He’s here to share his analysis on what’s really happening with the world, and he doesn’t try to sugar coat it or spice up the ratings by hiring some supermodel to mindlessly read a teleprompter (CNN, anyone?).

Authenticity in every sentence

With Alex, whether it’s on the air or off, you don’t get a teleprompter-reading, focus-group researching, makeup artist pretender. You get a live, authentic human being with all his passions, strengths, flaws and quirks all rolled into one. A real person, in other words. Not some pretender who modifies his position based on what the polls say. Alex tells you what he truly believes, not what he thinks you want to hear.

And that’s the core trait of Alex, when you get right down to it. This man speaks from his heart in every word he says. In those words, if you listen carefully, you’ll find Alex’s deep-rooted compassion for all humankind. He cares deeply for the future of the human race. In fact, he’s one of the most caring and generous people I’ve ever met. He cares so much that he’s willing to put his life on the line to help protect freedom for YOUR children.

He also understands human civilization. He’s an avid reader of history and can cite the year and the people involved in nearly every major event throughout world history, from modern times all the way to the Roman Empire. Because he understands human history, he also knows just how fragile complex societies really are, and he’s fully aware of how quickly and easily „good government“ devolves into police state tyranny. It has happened countless times throughout history, and through his radio show and websites, Alex is simply reminding us all to wake up and pay attention… because it’s happening again!

Is Alex Jones a government agent?

Hilariously, this is one of the repeated bizarre accusations leveled against Alex Jones — no doubt by people who themselves are government agents trying to spew disinfo. The accusation goes like this: Alex Jones must be a government agent because no one achieves success at the level Alex has achieved unless they’re working for the globalists in some way.

Except there’s one problem with that piece of fiction: Only LAZY (and corrupt) people make it to the top with the help of the globalists (people like George Bush, get it?). In great contrast to that, Alex Jones is the hardest working person I’ve ever met. He’s earned every ounce of his radio and internet success through 16+ years of blood and sweat. He works three times as hard as any mainstream news reporter or TV news personality you’ve ever seen, and he’s sacrificed time with his family in order to put more time into InfoWars coverage of important global events.

He sacrifices the quality of his own life, in other words, to bring you more videos, special reports, documentaries and ongoing coverage of things that truly impact not just your life today, but our collective future. He technically deserves something like the Congressional Medal of Honor, but of course the President would never award such a high honor to an actual patriot who exposes the lies and corruption of Big Government.

I have no doubt that Alex has a pivotal role to play in what is soon to become American history: Virtually everything he’s telling you right now — the coming financial collapse, the FEMA camps, the police state crackdowns — is about to become a documented fact of history. Read this story again in three years and you’ll see what I mean.

How does Alex see the future? It’s not voodoo…

Alex has been right on so many things for so long that people often forget he’s actually one of the best current events analysts on the planet. When he says something that’s two or three years ahead of the curve, it often sounds to mainstream people like he’s nuts or something, but if you just wait to see what unfolds, you’ll realize oh my God, Alex was right!

For one, he told the world that Rick Perry would run for President two years ago (if not sooner). He called the 2006 / 2007 housing bubble crash. He call the government 9/11 a hoax long before the thousands of architects and engineers proved him right. He has accurately called every major event in the world — the Oslo „terrorist“ hoax, the distortions on the war in Libya, the FBI staging fake terror events in the USA, Obama’s plot to destroy America’s economy with the help of the global banksters, and so much more. Going back through the archives of Alex Jones‘ shows (www.PrisonPlanet.TV) is like reading the works of a prophet of some kind who saw visions of what was coming and simply told people what he saw.

Except Alex will be the first to tell you don’t call him a prophet. He doesn’t ask for any special recognition or credit, and his analysis of world events comes through hard work and razor-sharp intelligence, not through some spooky crystal ball. He’s just GOOD at seeing through the veil of government lies. He’s so good that at times it seems like he’s psychic. But he isn’t. He’s just really, really good at reading between the headlines and understand the real plots, motivations and schemes behind Big Government’s propaganda campaigns.

If you want to see a good example of Alex breaking down the truth behind some corporate propaganda, watch this recent interview he did with RT America about Monsanto and why it’s such an evil corporation:…

Not just courage, but brains, too

On top of all that, Alex is just plain smart. This throws some people, because I’ve seen more than a few high-brow Ivy-League snobs leap to the conclusion that Alex isn’t very bright because he doesn’t talk like a Harvard smarty pants. But underneath that Texas tone, and behind the occasional growl or on-air scream, Alex Jones is nothing less than a research genius. His ability to remember a vast array of events, dates, sources and names, and then tie them all together in sweeping explanation of what’s really going on is deservedly legendary. There aren’t very many people on our planet who have the ability to assemble hundreds of related facts and then immediately see the plot behind those facts.

He’s so good at this that if the U.S. government actually had any brains, it would try to hire Alex as an intelligence analyst. He would never accept the job, of course. He’d rather analyze intelligence data for the people — We the People — instead of working for any government.

That’s because he’s authentically dedicated to protecting freedom in America. With Alex, it’s not just some casual talk. It isn’t a spin line. It’s his life. He lives it, and defends it, and would die for it if necessary.

Very few people alive today understand their role in history, but Alex knows his very well: He’s going to keep sounding the alarm bells until enough people wake up to take back their freedom or we’re all overrun by government tyrants and end up facing a firing squad. Either way, Alex knows he did his duty, and that’s more than I can say for nearly every member of the U.S. Congress and most of power-hungry bureaucrats running government today.

Too much fear?

Does Alex focus too much on the fear and the problems of the world? That’s one of the most common criticisms leveled against him (and leveled against myself, too). To answer this, first realize that somebody has to sound the alarm. If we are to all wake up and realize what’s being done to us (by the Fed, with vaccines, fluoride, chemtrails, etc.) then somebody needs to raise the red flags. That’s what Alex does, and he’s the best there is at getting it done.

In fact, I dare say that if you listen to Alex Jones and read Jim Marrs, you will have one of the best-informed views of real world events of anybody on the planet. (You might want to read NaturalNews, too, if you’re interested in health freedom.)

To those who criticize Alex Jones for sounding the alarm, I ask, „What have YOU done for the Republic lately?“

For most people, the answer is nothing. Most people sit around and do absolutely nothing while their freedoms are stripped away, their savings are stolen and their health is ruined by a criminal medical establishment. Taking action, you see, takes courage, and courage is hard to come by these days. That’s where Alex really shines: He’s never afraid to raise the big issues, ask the big questions and put his own life and reputation on the line to find answers that ultimately benefit us all.

Alex is the warrior who stands guard at the village entrance, protecting us from marauding dragons (and the King’s tax collectors). He puts his own life on the line to protect others — even when most of those other people have no idea they’re being protected in the first place.

People of principle

Personally, I feel honored to know Alex and to be a guest on his show from time to time. That’s why I fill in as a host whenever he asks me to. I never ask for compensation, and I never exploit his show for any kind of personal gain. I fill in for Alex because it’s an honor to work with the InfoWars team and be part of this ever-expanding freedom movement that’s already shaping the future of our world. There aren’t too many people in the information industry I would volunteer to help, but Alex has earned my respect.

Far from being a publicity seeker, Alex is a principled individual. He believes in liberty, justice, the Constitution and fundamental human rights (such as the right to grow our own food). He rightly believes that the grave injustices being carried out today by corporations and governments really are something to scream about. And he’s already decided that no matter what personal risks he might be taking in spearheading the release of this information, living a life with purpose is far more meaningful than just sitting back and accepting the status quo like the mainstream zombies who take their vaccine shots, eat their processed foods and allow themselves to be hypnotized by television news.

We need more people like Alex Jones in the world, I believe. He’s a defender of justice and a protector of society. He’s earned every inch of success that he has achieved, and if our world were more just, people like Alex would be heralded as sacred truth tellers who wake us from our sleepwalking lives and bring us back to our senses. If anything, Alex is a de-hypnotist whose words can break the spells of Big Government propaganda and give us back our reason — and our senses — at a time when clarity of mind seems to be in short supply.

I’m happy to know Alex, because before I met him, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever meet anyone who shared my passion for the truth, my desire to expose government fraud and my sense of duty to the People. Alex represents all that and more, and he’s a Great American — a true patriot — along the lines of Paul Revere.

What have YOU done for the Republic lately?

To those who would question or criticize Alex, I dare ask: What have YOU done for the Republic lately?

Most people live their lives obsessed with their own selfishness; chasing tail, coveting bling, puffing up their own egos, achieving „personal success“ but not even making a dent on the big issues that really matter: Freedom, truth, justice, exposing fraud, protecting the innocent…

I know LOTS of people who are „successful“ in terms of how much money they’ve collected for themselves. They mistakenly think they’re successful because they’ve collected more „stuff“ even while the world around them is crumbling. But few people care enough to do anything about it. Most people are cowards who refuse to take a stand against the FDA, against government tyranny, or even against their local city council’s water fluoridation schemes. Only the brave few are willing to step forward and challenge tyranny in the name of freedom and justice.

Alex Jones is one of those people — and perhaps the most effective of them all. Alex and I don’t agree on every single thing (we famously had very different views on the movie Avatar, and I’ve been meaning to buy Alex some little Avatar action figures as a joke…), but I find that on the big issues that really matter, Alex Jones is spot-on accurate. He even taught me a thing or two about the fraud behind the climate change scare mongering: Those polar bears aren’t drowning, folks. They’re swimming! (Polar bears are perhaps the best-swimming land animals on the planet.) (…)

Listen to Alex’s weekday radio show on the Genesis Communications Network (, and catch his websites at:

From time to time, you might even find me chiming in on health freedom issues. You can bet the CDC is gearing up for a „Winter of flu shot propaganda“ beginning in September or October. There will be some huge breaking news on that front, I promise you.

Remember, folks: If you’re reading this, you ARE the resistance.As Alex says, „resistance is victory.“ What he means by that is that the mere act of questioning the status quo automatically leads to defeating tyranny and restoring freedom.


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