Michelle Obama’s Nude Body Scan by Airport Security

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Press Release

Privacy advocate wants Michelle Obama
to demonstrate airports new naked body scanners

(Washington D.C.) The controversial so-called naked body scanners are causing concerns over the graphic images they produce, leading one privacy advocate to call for a published photo of Michelle Obama using the machine. If President Obama doesnt think that these machines are invasive, then he should have no problem allowing images of his wife being scanned by the machines to be released to the press, says privacy advocate Mark Dice.

Images of both men and women that look like negatives have been circulating the web which show how the body scanners work, and have caused alarm over their graphic nature. Since the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack on a flight headed for Detroit, the Transportation Security Administration has announced plans to buy 300 of the controversial scanners for American airports.

„Since the President insists these scanners are not inappropriate or invasive, I think he should feel perfectly comfortable with Michelle demonstrating them,“ says Dice.

Mark Dice is a media watch dog and pop culture critic at MarkDice.com and author of The Resistance Manifesto, a book which discusses Big Brother and how new technology is eroding our personal privacy. Dice has also posted a YouTube video calling for Michelle Obama to be scanned. The video is located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdUxW3UFAwM

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