Speaking of Agenda 21

Veröffentlicht: 23. Januar 2009 von infowars in Eugenik, Klimalüge/Ökofaschismus, New World Order/ Neue Weltordnung, Population Control / Bevölkerungsreduktion, Umwelt/ Natur, UN
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Michael Shaw of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz ( http://www.f21sc.net ) and Dr. Stanley Monteith of Radio Liberty (www.radioliberty.com ) explain United Nations Agenda 21 which is active in the USA, but our wonderful leaders forgot to tell „we the people“ Mr Shaw explains how it is getting around the people and moving foward in controlled dialectic, while Dr Monteith talks about its connection to a high Agenda for the world, that once again, we the people are not told about. Filmed at the Eagle Forum conference in Santa Rosa California 2006.

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