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By Gabriel O’Hara

The majority of this article is made up from an absolutely horrifying section of the National Medical Bill. Horrors that you’ve not heard about in 70 years are actually written down and are legal. Everything in this article has a link to the official bill. The section in question of the Medical Bill springs from the World Health Organisation standards and recommendations. Most countries are likely to have the same bills because most follow the WHO’s lead, however in some countries these emergency plans can not be seen even by homeland security so this Irish Medical Bill could be a window into what other Governments are also prepared to do.

These specific emergency measures can legally be carried out without the so called emergency ever happening in your country, all that is required is a simple alert from the unelected people at the WHO. As we will see, these psychotic Government actions to a so called “imminent” emergency will actually do more damage than if the emergency hit.

We’ll come to the Medical Bill in a moment but first we’ll look at this 2008 pamphlet from the Government that states a worldwide pandemic would be caused by “a new influenza strain” and they are pretty confident when they state “there will be more pandemics”. It also lets us know who is in control of kicking off the alert and actions when it says, “You will be advised to begin these preparations if and when the World Health Organisation confirms that a pandemic is imminent.” The Department of Health & Children’s National Pandemic Influenza Plan shows the WHO puts our global society currently at phase 3 of a phase 6 global pandemic, “The World Health Organization (WHO) uses six phases of pandemic alert as a system for informing the world of the seriousness of the threat.“ Phase 3: “Human infection(s) with a new subtype, […] We are now in Phase 3 (January 2007).” The power to alert/get nations into implementing WHO actions is further consolidated in to the hands of one person, the current Director-General (Chinese Margaret Chan) and the pandemic plan says, “the designation of alert phases, including decisions on when to move from one phase to another, is made by the Director-General of the World Health Organization. The transition between phases may be rapid and some phases may be skipped. “

National Pandemic Influenza Plan also lists the following:

“A number of legal issues may arise from the public health management of pandemic influenza.”

“The World Health Organization has identified and categorised non-pharmaceutical public health interventions as follows:”

  • “Measures to increase social distance”
  • “Measures for people entering or exiting an infected area within a country”
  • “Section 31 [Health Act] gives power to the Minister to make regulations to prevent the spread of an infectious disease and to treat people suffering from infectious disease. The regulations envisaged by the Act include:”
    • “Requirement for adults and children to stay in their homes”
    • “Requirement for adults and children to submit to examination, vaccination, immunisation”

It then lists “suspension of travel”, “suspension of other gatherings”, and finally lists “possible security issues” as a wider scope of power given to them.

Lets look at Part IV of the the Health Act which deals with infectious diseases and see how Governments will treat us when the WHO gives the ok. Lets look at how the law will make all our rights evaporate when we need them the most.

Section 38 contains a purposeful loophole to detain anyone. It legalizes the detention of, by force if necessary, people who are not identified as infected but are a “probable” source. The name of section 38 is “Detention and isolation of person who is probable source of infection” and it states the following, “force may, if necessary, be used for the purpose of carrying out any provision of this subsection.”

Part 2 of section 38 redefines the word person into patient: “(2) Where an order is made under this section in relation to a person (in this subsection referred to as the patient), the following provisions shall have effect[….]”. This makes it legal for the government imprison people known not to be infected and label them as patients.

Part K of section 38 tries to pretend that a person or a parent of a detained child can make an appeal to be released but it is entirely up the decision of the minister and this “nice” sounding part actually allows the legal interpretation for people to be detained for what ever amount of time the state demands. The key word of part K is “determination” which has a couple of definitions in the dictionary one being “settlement of a dispute”. Part K states, “if no determination of an appeal under paragraph (h) of this subsection is made by the Minister and communicated to the person in charge of such hospital or other place within twenty-one clear days from the receipt by the Minister of such appeal, such person shall release the, patient”. If a determination/decision is made by the Minister for the status quo then the men, women and children detained will not be released. It also makes it legal for Government officers to detain people even if the Minister has not made any decision because it says if the government officer (”the person in charge of such hospital or other place“) is not told (”communicated to”) that the Minister has not made a decision (or even that there is an appeal) the officer does not have to release the person. If the detention officers are not told there was an appeal, they don’t know to release you based on a “no determination“.

The Health act gives the power of relocating people (persons) to government facilities/camps/accommodation: Health Act section 40, “A health authority may provide accommodation for persons who are compelled to leave their homes on account of any steps taken under this Act or the regulations made thereunder for the prevention of the spread of infectious disease.” It gives the government the right to detain people in government facilities not just hospitals with the following line, “the order to allow for the patient’s isolation in a hospital or other place convenient“.

Health Act section 32 A and B below deals with the entire population not just the infected and uninfected population incarcerated in hospitals and “other places”. It gives the Minister power to order the injection of the entire population (quote: “all adult persons” and “all children”) with a vaccine they believe might immunise against a pandemic “caused by a new influenza strain“. You are probably thinking how could they create a vaccine so fast, doesn’t it take years to prove it is safe? They are prepared to alter the entire population’s immune system and DNA with what would be officially an untested experimental vaccine, are you prepared for that? It’s the law now.

Health Act section 32:

“The Minister may by order declare that-”

“it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all adult persons should submit themselves to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against such infectious disease”

“The Minister may by order declare that—”

“it is necessary, for the purpose of preventing the spread of a particular infectious disease, that all children should be submitted to a specified measure in relation to their protection or immunisation against that infectious disease”.

Going back to the little public pamphlet that looks like it was designed for children it mentions 8 possible emergencies. All the other emergencies beside a pandemic are played down, even a nuclear incident at Sellafield is nothing to worry about according to the pamphlet as it says “any radioactivity from an incident would be diluted before reaching Ireland.” For other emergencies they use words of possibilities like, “in the event of such an incident”, “you may be asked”, but with the pandemic, which is allocated more pages, they have definite statements such as, “there will be more pandemics”, “if and when”,  “every household in the country will receive a leaflet before the pandemic reaches Ireland”, follow “advice from the telephone hotline that will be set up or from official Government announcements to the media.” Months after this pamphlet was released the Irish government performed for the first ever time test announcements over all media as the Irish Times reported in Dec 2008: “the State’s radio and television airwaves fell silent for the first time early this morning as part of a Government exercise on giving urgent messages to the nation.”

The National Pandemic Influenza Plan says when a pandemic is completely over “it may be a long time before the health services recover”. Business, farming, and food supplies will take just as long if not longer to recover. How will a family whom are not incarcerated at a government facility during a WHO pandemic phase feed themselves when public gathering are illegal, when food markets are closed and leaving the home is forbidden? Issuing people masks and gloves, keeping stores open, not injecting the entire population with an experimental vaccine, and not rounding up people into camps would save more lives. The goal of these “legal” measures are clear. “If and when” (as the government say’s) they implement the World Health Organisation measures because of a pandemic or phantom pandemic alert we’ll find that these actions will kill more people than a real pandemic ever could. The legal measures have been adopted for such a disaster to take place and you wont be able to counter them when implemented. You might want to think of getting these laws taken out before the WHO announces it’s alert.

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