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Carolyn Harris
January 1, 2009

We already live in a world of ‘haves and have-nots’, but in the future could that gap widen into an immense chasm resulting in a technocracy with two-tiers of genetically engineered humans? Predictions have been made with regards to robotics and genetic evolution, and there is data to back each theory up. This article briefly investigates each claim.

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Nano-technology

A robotic future as depicted in Alex Proyas’ film, I, Robot.

2008 saw a panoply of advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and nano-technology. A recent study by Spanish scientists looked into the impacts of robots on future society. International experts working on inventing and adapting cutting edge robots for practical use were interviewed during the study in order to find out by when we will be regularly using the models they are currently designing. All agreed on 2020 as a “technological inflection point,” because by then robots “will be able to see, act, speak, manage natural language and have intelligence, and our relationship with them will have become more constant and commonplace,” said López Peláez.

One of the more disconcerting predictions is “the insertion of robots into our bodies, such as intelligent implants in the brain, which will improve our rational thought, and nanorobots to be released into the blood to clean our arteries. Another important role will be the replacement of people working in the areas of security, surveillance or defence. According to Professor López Peláez, it is predicted that 40% of armies will be automated with robot soldiers by 2020 ‘just as a car factory is today, which will result in less human deaths during violent conflicts.’ ” (mehr …)