It’s the great global warming swindle

Veröffentlicht: 19. März 2008 von infowars in Klimalüge/Ökofaschismus, Wissenschaft/ Technik

Irish Independent
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The EU has decided to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by 20pc by 2020.

And clearly Mother Earth in anticipation of this great sacrifice has decided to celebrate. For, according to NASA, global average temperatures are much lower this year than last.

I wish I was convinced that this drastic reduction would make a blind bit of difference.

I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Mensa-level IQ but cannot find any clear evidence within reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or other data that this is an appropriate action.

I recently complained about a lack of balance in an episode of ‚Eco Eye‘ on the subject of global warming and RTE responded that in a programme about evolution they would not see the need to include a spokesman for creationism. However, there is much more convincing evidence about evolution than greenhouse gases causing global warming.

I have read a convincing paper that doubling the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere will increase atmospheric temperatures by just 0.01C.

Not enough to have any major effect and much less than the 0.6C warming seen in Earth’s temperatures over the last century.

And CO2 levels more than 10 times higher than they are now failed to prevent a major ice age that wiped out most live on Earth at the end of the Ordovician period 445 million years ago.

In July, tax on bigger cars will become €2,000 per year and no doubt we can expect more of the same over the next few years with our rulers exploiting the great global warming swindle to tax the bejesus out of us.



A hedgehog can’t be squashed on the M50 these days without somebody somewhere putting it down to an effect of global warming.

High spring tides, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes . . . climate change is now immediately blamed for all of them, regardless of the evidence.

In olden days, witches, warlocks and cranky gods were to blame for all natural misdemeanours.

Personally I just don’t buy all this talk about carbon dioxide destroying the world. It’s all just so much hot air.



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