You Tube Censors Hugely Popular „Question Your Reality“ Video

Veröffentlicht: 8. März 2008 von infowars in Alex Jones, Video Clips
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Prison Planet
Friday, March 7, 2008

After receiving over 50,000 views in a few hours and on its way to shoot to the top of the most viewed chart, You Tube brazenly pulled a popular video from their rankings system Friday in an act of wanton censorship.

„Question Your Reality,“ a stirring and well put together video montage featuring talk show host Alex Jones was rocketing up the charts, already having reached number 2 most viewed on News and Politics and soaring up the general most discussed and most viewed categories.

A moment later, it was nowhere to be seen as You Tube cleared the slate and prevented the clip from going completely viral.

You Tube is owned by Google, who have pulled this trick many times before, but by spreading the video far and wide you can help offset their censorship and wake people up.

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