North American Union has begun NEW WORLD ORDER is HERE!

Veröffentlicht: 18. Februar 2008 von infowars in faschismus, New World Order/ Neue Weltordnung, NorthAmericanUnion, USA, Video Clips, Wirtschaft
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The Amero is coming….

  1. Frank sagt:

    Let’s all together prevent this racistic and unhuman union of demonic dictators for a free world full of trust and peace.
    The wars that has been has come up thru fear and lies. Let us try to keep this world a peacefull place.
    To my american friends: I’m living here in germany, and our government is trying to misinform us and lie to us, too. But We are not buying this crap. Please do not trust your goverment. They WANT you to live in fear. They want you to be afraid. But there is NOTHING, REALLY NOTHING to be afraid of. No one will try to harm any of you or us. The so called terrorists are made by your goverment, starting back in the past.

    You have the power to cut off your goverment. Please USE IT.

    Best greetings from cologne Germany


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