French TV cites Bilderberg Group Power

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My French is not great but this feature describes the Economic Forum in Davos as a grand spectacle and goes on to discuss who really influences global politics – The Bilderberg Group.


Good evening, good evening to all and welcome on soir3. Here are the title of you evening news among others, Davos political; and economic forum opened today at Davos in Switzerland bringing together the finest of world economy and number of political decision makers which takes place every year. What is the (use) importance of such gathering? Nothing much. Most of the important decision are made elsewhere, this is what Michael Gama the author of ‚Rencontre au sommet‘ (Meeting at the top) (??) think. He will give straightforward answers to our questions.

It is on a backdrop of the crisis on the stock exchange markets that the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland opened. It is a yearly summit that brings together the elites of world politics. Condi Rice, Tony Blair, Shimon Peres are already there. Francois Fillon and above all two thousand of the most important companies in the world.

-Michael Gama answers our question . Good evening Michael

-Good evening

-You are the author of ‚Rencontre au sommet‘, when men of power meet, published by Antiplano editions. Davos, what is it good for?

In effect Dovos is presented like an event where number of decision makers would meet and would prepare a series of decisions that would affect world economy and geo-politic setting.

-Is that true?

-In Fact Davos, what is it is? It is that it is a big show. It stages different political coups because it is after all a political enterprise that needs dramatizing.

-What do you mean by political coups?

-Since the 80 it show the great political reconciliations, also show that there is possibility to have a dialogue between the ultra liberals and inter-mondialists , it is always about staging reconciliation in order to show that people can talk to each other.

-Thus it is a show (affichage). No meaningful decision on political or economy ever came out of these encounters?

-Let us say that in effect there are political deciders who participate … have interest in participating because they meet each others, have discussions in hallways, and meetings in more or less informal setting but they escape… when decisions are taken, it is by escaping the mediatic framework as it would be the case in a plenary session, just as you can see…

-So this calls for another question, where are these decisions really taken? In reading your book one learns that there are two circles ( Translator: I prefer ’settings‘) you mention the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group what precisely is all that about?

-The trilateral Commission just as the Bilderberg group are two groups that unlike Davos can… gather in a more powerful way matters f world governance….

-That is?

-That is in the way that in effect, the Bilderberg group just as Davos bring together every year at their meetings 120 people…100 people. Participants are government ministers, leaders of multinationals, leaders of international organizations and for five days they are in an isolated hotel so that they can talk…

-And this is not publicized (mediaticized)..

-And it is not at all publicized precisely it is within a close environment a bit secret and because of the promiscuity (Translator prefers closeness) o can imagine that even contrary to the conspiracy theory one is not in the yearly planning of decisions but one can imagine that given the interests of participants…

-Precisely who are the political bosses namely French who are part of the two secret circles in comparison to the Davos rendez-vous?

For instance, with the trilateral Commission, one important point to underline is that both groups are said bipartisan in that you find as much politicians on the left as on the right.

-Names, give us names

-The Trilateral commission count people like Laurent Fabius, Denis Pascal or Pierre Lelouch for example of the UMP. You find also in the Bilderberg Pascal Lami who was in his time, commissaire European (equivalent of Minister of the European Gov. Translator) who is now the president of the WTO. We can also name Bertran Colon-Lafargue

What, what important decision maybe know to known to the public at large were take either by the trilateral commission or the Bilderberg?

-There are two that can really wonder about… For example G8 came from the trilateral commission out of the discussions that took place during the 70’s during Giscard mandate …let us mention that for the Bilderberg, EADS according to Jean-Louis Jargorin, the constitution of the EADS group resulted from information gather during the discussion at the forum…It important to specify that it is not a matter of formal decision, the importance of these discussion is the these people get real power outside these circles, they are, they are already in position of power thus have influences that are not….

-Last question by formation you are an anthropologist. You do not have a background in journalism you are 24 the book is well researched how did you work…. Since most of what you treat, you uncovered them when you were 19 or 20, you were saying , how did work how did you manage to get close to this information?

-In effect I have manage to meet a good deal of the participants essentially at the Bilderberg and also at Davos in the frame of a scientific anthropologic study. I do not think there is a great interest save for methodology, there is no need to explain … however what is important to underline is that for these groups and to retain is that there is there is a discourse that these people be able to have control over the globalization Movement able to offer solutions though they know very well that they have not solution to social, ecological …because the capitalism system result from a situation beyond their control.

-Thank you Michael for having answered our question , thank you

-Thank you

UPDATE 2: Comment from a French reader –

Hi Alex (or whoever is reading this email),

Here’s some background information about the broadcast on French TV where the Bilderberg group AND the Trilateral commission were mentioned as the real power brokers in world affairs.

Having followed the way French TV is programmed for some 10 years with awareness of the NWO agenda, I’m totally surprised it was made possible to have these groups mentioned on French TV at all, and particularly in that news-bulletin broadcast of „soir 3“. French TV is about 99.5% totally shut down and censored on all info that could even vaguely suggest there are alternative views on world events and critical NWO issues…

The author Michel Gama was interviewed about his book „Rencontres au sommet“ („Meetings at the top“) in which he describes who the real power brokers are behind world-events, such as the Trilateral and Bilderberg groups. When asked which (French) personalities are involved with these groups, he gave some good examples like L. Fabius for the TC, and P. Lamy for the Bilderbergers, but failed to give one of the most significant names, considering where he was giving his interview: Christine Ockrent, who was at the Bilderberg conference of 2007, and who is the most prominent presenter of political talk shows of the channel broadcasting the interview! Ockrent is also the wife (although unmarried) of Bernard Kouchner, the present French minister of foreign affairs (who also played a key role in the propaganda launching the war in Yugoslavia, and left/betrayed his socialist camp that made his star rise, to join Sarkozy’s right-wing government).

Each of the French TV channels are closely supervised by their individual editorial staffs, as well as by an overall director. Especially news-bulletins are closely guarded on their editorial content. This makes it all the more surprising to even hear the names of the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral commission.

To this, one must add the fact that the presenter Marie Drucker is from the Drucker family, like the very famous French presenter Michel Drucker, who is a CLOSE friend of N. Sarkozy. It should also be mentioned that ALL these people, i.e. Marie Drucker, Michel Drucker, Christine Ockrent, Bernard Kouchner and last but not least Nicolas Sarkozy are Jewish (although Sarkozy is only half-Jewish).

So what’s going on here? Could this be a case of „controlled opposition“? Or is this a genuine – albeit modest – attempt to create an opening for this info?

Frankly, if this was a case of controlled opposition, I doubt they would even let the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral commission be discussed at all. So I think this is a „glitch“ of some sort. Although the editors and presenters who brought this interview are firmly connected to the NWO power-cabal, they need not necessarily know the whole picture, and thanks to the rising pressure of anti-NWO activists on the internet and such, there are more and more authors and publications on these subjects, and this author must have inadvertently slipped through.

However, having observed how the French TV hierarchy works, I’m sure that with the exception of the presenter, they will suffer some substantial consequences for this slip, unfortunately.

The interview itself does not contain any information that those who have researched the NWO don’t already know. My available time is tight, so I will not add a translation of it here. If you don’t receive a translation within a few days and still would like to have it, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Michel Gama’s book can be found at

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Jean Louis

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