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EU: History Of Deceit

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Christopher Booker
London Telegraph
Monday October 22, 2007

Lisbon crowns a history of deceit

It was apt that Gordon Brown’s agreement to the EU treaty should have coincided with the announcement that MPs are to get an additional two weeks‘ holiday a year because there is so little for them to do.

The Lisbon Treaty, after all, is another giant step towards a new form of government, empowered to decide most of the laws that govern our lives, making our Westminster MPs even more redundant than they are now.

It was equally appropriate that Mr Brown and his puppet foreign minister, David Miliband, should have agreed this treaty on the basis of the most shameless political lie one can recall: that the new treaty is completely different from the rejected EU constitution – with which it is 96 per cent identical. (mehr …)

„Pull it“ Revisited

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