World Wide Mind

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Council of Truth
October 8, 2007

What does the future hold for humanity? If the future is anything like this video then expect a dystopian nightmare. This propaganda video highlights the “benefits” of a brain chip inserted into every human being in order to create an interconnected “world wide mind.”

The video also contains a “virtual”Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. Huxley’s brother, Julian, was also a keen proponent of eugenics and coined the term, “Transhuman”. In a previous article, we highlighted the links between transhumanism and eugenics. A reader also sent in their response to our initial article on transhumanism and the forum topic on transhumanism can be found here. We’ve also previously reported on a “mind control” brain chip that sends the users thoughts to a computer.

The idea of a brain chip is no longer mere fantasy or science fiction. Advances in science mean that such technology could be available in the near future. recently reported on thought-to-speech technology. From the article:

Callahan, hailing from the University of Illinois, is working on a thought-to-speech technology with his company Ambient. On stage, Callahan connected a wire to the back of his head, which is also connected to a computer. And out of the speakers we heard a digital voice that spoke his thoughts.

A company called Ambient makes the technology. The following text is taken from their website:

The Audeo is being developed to create a human-computer interface for communication without the need of physical motor control or speech production. Using signal processing, unpronounced speech representing the thought of the mind can be translated from intercepted neurological signals.

By interfacing near the source of vocal production, the Audeo has the potential to restore communication to people who are unable to speak. The proposed solution is a featherweight wireless device resting over the vocal cords capable of transmitting neurological information from the brain. Using data analysis, this information can be processed into synthesized speech or a menu selection capable of conveying the basic necessities of human life.

If you believe this video and actually think a brain chip is beneficial then perhaps you should read the following quote by William Sims Bainbridge who says that brain implants will create a “docile” population

At the same level of technological development intelligent species acquire effective techniques for modifying themselves, socially and biologically. Electronic communication and rapid transportation make possible a stifling world government. Techniques such as genetic engineering, psychoactive drugs and electronic control of the brain make possible a transformation of the species into docile, fully-obedient, “safe” organisms. Not interstellar flight but stasis becomes the order of the day — the policy of the millennium and of the aeon. Some species may fail to transform themselves, and they will survive only briefly before destroying themselves in nuclear war or in some other suicidal catastrophe which we may not yet even imagine.

Watch the video on the “world wide mind” below:


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