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Classic Global Warming Logic

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Brent Jessop
Knowledge Driven
Sunday Aug 5, 2007


Global warming activists, some dressed as scientists, have pretty much blamed every imaginable situation on carbon dioxide. From extreme cold to melting ice caps, from more droughts to more malaria, and ultimately the total destruction of life on earth, or should I say Earth.

Now there is no shortage of disconnects in logic, but it is always amusing when they really stretch a positive effect of more atmospheric carbon dioxide into something scary and bad.

From the CBC article In Depth: Poison Ivy:

What begins often as a breezy stroll through nature can sometimes end in an insatiable itch, a rash of red dots and a mess of oozing blisters. Those who’ve needed treatment for a poison ivy rash are not likely to forget the experience and are forever on the lookout for the glossy, three-leafed plants that provoke an allergic reaction in about 85 per cent of the population.

In fact, new research suggests we should all be on our toes as the plant is growing like never before. According to a study published in the July 2007 issue of Weed Science, high levels of carbon dioxide linked to climate change is providing ideal growing conditions for poison ivy. (mehr …)