The Alex Jones Report April 25th, 2007

Veröffentlicht: 30. April 2007 von infowars in Alex Jones, Columbine-Schulmassaker, Mindcontrol, Oklahoma City Bombing, Polizeistaat, Propaganda, Psychopharmaka, Schulmassaker, USA, Waffen

This special report was filmed in the hours after the Virginia Tech massacre and covers the early details that were known about the shooting. Alex discusses the inexplicable two hour gap between the first shootings and the warnings to students as well as the slow and cowardly police response.

Alex exposes how the event will be used as justification for more gun control and re-traces evidence in previous mass shooting cases where the perpetrators were uniformly on SSRI drugs, had been involved in bizarre government mind control programs along with other evidence that many of these incidents are staged black-ops.

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