Nick Begich; Are You a Manchurian Candidate?

Veröffentlicht: 24. April 2007 von infowars in Gesundheit, Mindcontrol, MK Ultra, New World Order/ Neue Weltordnung

Are You A Manchurian Candidate? Over 500,000 Americans over a 40 year period have been victims of human experimentation. What if one of them was you? And how would you know? Learn how this controversial technology could impact your life. Nick Begich is the son of US Rep. Nick Begich who was killed in a plane crash with Hale Boggs, who was Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Nick Jr. gets US taxpayer grants to publish and to educate the public about new technology. Part This is about external influencing the brain electronically. Begich says that the US government has a history of using human subjects for experiments without consent. But he says that many people who claim they are such subjects of this electronic experimentation, are suffering from other difficulties, e.g., psychiatric problems. It seems as if Begich is revealing the technology and at the same time providing cover for abuses of human subjects. Begich reports an experiment on students diagnosed with ADD and ADHD who were subjected to electronic conditioning using a „helmet.“ He says they were able to return to regular education classes and that it cost the school district less money than if they needed the special ed classes. He approves of using electronics for brain control and treatment. He also tells of treatment in Finland which was challenged by the traditional physicians in court. Begich suggests that it is now possible to „download“ information to the human brain. That this will be an issue for public education in this country. Who will decide what gets put into children’s brains? Parents or the government?


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